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Keep the the Kellers and the Shermans apart with Place Card Holders

I don’t how, I don’t know why, but for some reason, Steve and Jenny always seem to end up sitting next to each other in Thanksgiving. You see, they broke up a couple of years ago and, how can I say this… they don’t like each other. Hack, they hate each other! But Jenny is a good friend of mine and Steve is my husband’s golf buddy and we always have them for Thanksgiving.

We didn’t really know what to do until my husband came up with this wonderful idea – why not use Place Card Holders and prearrange the sitting? We have more than 20 guests over each Thanksgiving and with Place Cards we can elegantly put Steve and Jenny on the far ends of the table, without it looking intentional.

This is your chance to make sure that the Kellers won’t sit next to the Shermans (because Keller’s tree leaves fall on Sheman’s lawn… don’t ask…) But most important – with Place Card Holders you can place your mother-in-law as far from you as possible…

Visit and choose from a vast variety of Place Card Holders in the shape of coffee pots, teapots, Christmas trees, drums, acorns, animals, antiques, bamboo, champagne styles and many more. Happy Thanksgiving!

Get ready for the holiday season with a lovely Christmas Tree ornament holder

Well? Are you planning your Christmas party already? Of course you are! And if you aren’t… you better start now. Oh my, there is so much stuff to prepare this upcoming holiday season and it’s always a good opportunity to freshen up things around the house.

I made some early shopping, I just couldn’t resist you know, look at the great stuff available online. Actually I just wanted to get me a nice Christmas tree ornament holder, so I found this gorgeous item:

It’s a Gold Christmas Tree ornament holder that stands proudly with its fingers outstretched. This ornament holder truly embraces the holiday moments! When it arrived to our house earlier this week all my friends wanted to know where I got this attractive piece and I think the entire neighborhood ordered one as well…

And look, I also bought a charming Gracious Goods flatware set:

Hey, what can I say? The

20 Piece Burnished Bronze Flatware Set was on sale. It cost me only $233 – and the list price was $300! Can you really say no?

I’m gonna go and fix up my ornament tree now. I know there’s time but I just can’t help it. And you should really take a look at because you shouldn’t miss the great deals!

Be ready for the thirsty guest with ceramic drink dispensers

No matter how you plan your party, you always have to be ready for the common thirsty guest. This party dweller can be found in family gatherings, wedding, Bar-Mitzvahs and weekend parties. The thirsty guest will gulp anything from ice-tea, lemonade, sangria, beer and any beverage available for consumption.

The best way to prepare for the thirsty guest is by having a Beverage Dispenser ready – the perfect entertaining accessory for any occasion and a beautiful and efficient way to serve large quantities of cold drinks.

This ceramic earthenware Rings White Ceramic Drink Dispenser will help you avoid sticky situations, with smooth flow and a metal display stand, this dispenser combines elegance and simplicity in one.

Here’s another ceramic wonder of a dispenser. It is bell shaped thirst quencher with a sealed lid and you can use it to dispense your favorite recipe of sangria at a lavish event, or to display some cool lemonade on a hot sunny day.

All of these Ceramic Drink Dispensers and other unique tabletop accessories are available online at

Wine Decanter. More than just elegance

Some people may think that wine decanters are only used because of their elegant and luxuries looks. But the truth is that there’s a long story behind wine decanting and lot’s of rules too.

The main reason for pouring wine from a bottle into a wine decanter is in order to oxygenate the wine and make it breathe before enjoying it.

When younger wine breathes, it changes, opening to more interesting aromas and flavors that are hidden in the wine. When older wine is decanted slowly, its sediment stays in the bottle and the wine imparts the strong, bitter flavor.

Many decanters are available in many different designs, one of them is the unique Crystal Duck Decanter:

This spectacular wine bottle, inspired by the shape of a duck, contributes a breathtaking elegance to a dinner table. Whichever way you display it, it will be the talk of your event!

For bigger crowds and extra large capacity, you might want to consider the Excaliber Large Decanter:

The Ravenscroft Crystal Excaliber Decanter has a broad base that allows the wine to aerate and release flavors and aromas which enhance the attributes of your wine. Its convenient extra large capacity will enable you to host large parties or events with the finest wines ever. Your guests will truly be inspired by its neat look it adds to the table.

All of these unique decanters and other unique tabletop accessories are available online at