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Start Valentine’s Day in Style with Gracious Goods

If your love life is lacking in Valentine’s Day traditions, let me make it easy for you: breakfast in bed. Everybody loves to wake up to the fragrant smell of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, next to warmly buttered toast and eggs cooked just the way they like them. And the fact that your loved one prepared and arranged the entire thing makes it all the sweeter (or more savory). To really make it count, present your culinary efforts on a Versailles Cream Ceramic Tray by Gracious Goods.

Why should you buy a new tray? For one thing, it will remind your special someone of your romantic gesture whenever they see it in the cabinet or out on the table. And besides, with such fine workmanship and design, you should probably buy it anyway! The Versailles tray will complement any meal, with its beautiful ceramic surface and burnished bronze handles.

Best of all, you can even throw in more items from the GG Versailles collection of tabletop accessories. I love the Versailles tea products from, including a ceramic tea pot, square tea tray, and sugar and creamer bowls with coordinating sweetener box.

Make It a Special Valentine’s Day with an Elegant Decanter and Glass Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is all about traditions – dancing to your song, drinking the wine you both enjoy, and giving her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. But traditions don’t have to be exactly the same every year. In fact, with the right accessories, it’s easy to mix it up. For example, you could serve the same type of wine you had on your first date in one of many luxury decanters instead of out of the bottle.

Decanters are available in so many different styles, from sleek and modern to timeless and classic, so it’s easy to show your special lady you know exactly what she likes. Trust lead-free crystal for the safest experience, as is used in decanters made by Ravenscroft and other brands.

And of course, what would Valentine’s Day be without flowers? Every woman loves a bouquet of roses – that is, until the flowers wilt and it’s time to throw them away. Nobody likes to think about what that might symbolize.

However, you can avoid this problem entirely by buying your lady a red bouquet of glass roses, complete with authentic green leaves. These beautiful gifts will glimmer in the candlelight next to your decanters and last as long as your love.

Can Color Patterns And Styles For Tabletop Accessories And Drink Dispensers Really Have An Effect On My Guests?

One of the things you should consider are the different color patterns available and what each one stands for – this is going to be another cool, but super top secret way to bring in your guests and have them feel a certain way about the settings on the table. For example, “cool” drink dispensers colors such as green, blue, turquoise and silver oftentimes have a calming feeling for people. Whereas something like red, pink, orange, yellow, gold and orange will oftentimes give your guests an excited feeling along with making them feel really happy!

You can even add in a few different colors from the calming feeling family over to the happy and excited feeling family to come up with a mixed response. These colors usually work with about 99% of the people on the planet, so it’s a really easy way to enhance not only your table, but to also change the feelings of your guests too. It could even change Mister TalkWhenNervous or Misses NotTalkEnough and allow them to feel more comfortable during the dinner (or whatever meal you are having). You really have all kinds of really amazing options in front of you when it comes to these tabletop accessories and drink dispensers.

Not only colors, but shapes, designs, different styles, the list goes on and on. Some of my favorite items to place on a tabletop are things such as wine decanters, non-alcoholic drink dispensers, candleholders, vases, designer dish or dinnerware (anything, but pure white please!), and different kinds of trays or glass domes. They have these trays that are a little bigger than a bread plate that is made of all kinds of textiles such as ceramic, glass, even wood! These are incredibly delightful to look at!

In glass domes you can use various cheese selection or you can also use them for dessert items as well – doesn’t even have to be cake or pie. You can try making a medley of cookies, petite fours, brownies or anything else your heart desires! This is without a doubt going to make everyone at your table “ooh” and “ahh” with excitement! So if the colors don’t get them, the tabletop accessories and drink dispensers sure will!

Hosting A Dinner Party On A Budget!

Just because you are hosting a dinner party doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have the greatest dinner ever. There are actually quite a few ways to really fancy up not only your food, but your actual party as well especially when it comes to the overall “theme” of the party and your table. For food items you could go for something like a mixed salad (which they sell already packed on the store) and a nice balsamic glaze dressing – I like using a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and S&P; for mine.

You could also consider a fish of the day as well this is usually sold for a sale price which means you could ultimately service 4 or more people and not break the bank! As for the theme of the party it’s really important that you “dress” up your table, this is going to make an immense difference! Try different tabletop accessories. This could be anything from beverage dispensers and some really stylish dinnerware to something really simple like a bouquet of flowers or napkin rings.

For example, when you offer your guests a drink, it doesn’t have to be in a plastic bottle. Try and spice up things with a cool glass beverage dispenser:

The point here is to not overdo it, but to make a stylish presentation of your table. The table is going to not only be a focal point for your dinner, but also a conversation piece as well which could even bring up some really nice conversation too! You don’t have to work hard when it comes to hosting or cooking a dinner party – simple little additions to the food and the table could really end up wowing your guests!