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Turn Your Home Into a French Chateau With the Gracious Goods Collection

Any hostess knows that having the right set of tabletop accessories is crucial to the atmosphere of the party you’re hosting. Certain dinner wear sets, go better with certain occasions. This can be a little troublesome for the active hostess wants her kitchen cabinets stocked with dinner wear, barware, and drink dispensers for every occasion. If you’re looking for a dinner wear set that has classic French beauty, straight out of Versailles, you have to check out the Gracious Goods Collection on

This beautifully and artfully crafted line is gorgeous and yet durable. The ceramic and iron line of dinner ware, barware, beverage dispensers, and canisters really add an elegant flair to your table and kitchen, that you can be sure will last for years to come.

The Cream Dinner Plates with Broquade Border paired with the Scroll Style Metal Chargers are a really unique, yet classic look for any type of dinner party. To match, there are Scroll Style Salad Bowls and Plates. A beautiful centerpiece for the table could be the 12 inch Cream Ceramic Bowl with Pedestal. The Ceramic Cups with the matching scroll metal base and the Fleur De Les flatware set would really finish the look and create beautiful table settings. To set the mood for those evening events, Gracious Goods even has a Scroll Style Convertible Hanging Chandelier, ideal for candles.

Essentials Of Tabletop Accessories & Etiquette

If you really want to avoid some major social embarrassments when you get invited to a dinner party, there are a few rules you should follow! Here’s a short list of the things you should and shouldn’t do, brought to you by the dedicated staff of Classic Hostess!

You should always place your napkin on your lap when you are first seated at the table and you should place the used napkin at the end of dinner on the place setting.
Be sure to compliment the host on his or her tabletop accessories, Are they using elegant beverage dispensers? Ravenscroft decanters?

When wine is serve, offer to open the bottle. If you are opening champagne, do it away from the table, and place a towel over the cork. While you might let it shoot out at your house, this just isn’t well-mannered in public!

If there is a glass beverage dispenser on the table, and it’s not near you, don’t reach across the table. Instead, you should ask politely for the water, or whatever is in the drink dispensers!

Lastly, always thank the hostess for the meal and compliment them on at least one food item that they made!

To get yourself familiar with some tabletop accessories such as barware, GG canisters or Gracious Goods products, visit our website.

Tips On Setting The Perfect Table Using Tabletop Accessories!

If you’ve had dinner parties in the past, which I’m sure you have, you may have noticed that your table needed a little jazzing up. But, where does a person start? What should be the main attraction? A lot of people think it starts in the actual table they choose from, but I think you can quite literally have ANY table – it’s the stuff on the table and in the room that’s really going to jazz up the room. First and foremost, you have to choose from tabletop accessories. Which ones you choose is completely up to you, but the ones I suggest are beverage dispensers, barware, candleholders and a vase for your flowers, yes you should have flowers!

If you’re thinking about serving wine, I would suggest the Ravenscroft decanters! Having barware items, like this one, is always important because you know that guests love their alcohol…

You can always add some little DIY bar items and use barware items like coasters, corkscrews, decanters, ice buckets, stoppers and shakers. Just because you don’t have a “proper” bar doesn’t mean the Bar Police are going to come arrest you. Have fun with this! If you see an end table, bureau or a height table that looks like it could become a bar – go with it!

Easy fix. To see more of our tabletop accessories like GG Canisters and Gracious Goods, visit our website.

Valentine’s Day Without Decanted Wine From a Ravenscroft Decanter? Come On…

My girlfriend is French, and she loves red wine. I mean LOVES. So for Valentine’s Day, I know that we’re going to have at least one bottle for dinner. So when I make her a delicious candlelit dinner with red rose petals strewn on the table and a red velvet tablecloth, I was thinking to myself, what would be the finishing touch to this holiday? What is something that my beautiful darling will use on a daily basis? How about a new Ravenscroft Decanter?

Whenever we drink a good bottle, she always mentions how nice it would be to decant it, to see the legs on the side, let the wine open up and get a chance to breathe after being cooped up in that dark old bottle… So when I give her brand new Ravenscroft Decanters, I just know she’s going to love it, and me. has a wide selection of Ravenscroft Decanters and drink dispensers that won’t crack or break, because let’s face it, I know that when I’m doing the dishes, I can get a little sloppy, and there are few worse feelings than breaking a plate, a glass, or a classy Ravenscroft Decanters that your beloved gave you for Valentine’s day…