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Things Dad Will Love

If your Dad likes the finer things, then he will love what Classic Hostess has to offer. There are accents for Dad’s office that are a great addition to any tabletop accessories. Small models are perfect to hang from the ceiling if they are planes, or to sit on a table or shelf if you decide that Dad’s more of a seafarer. Authentic model sailboats are made from wood and cotton, and are exact replications.

Globes are another perfect addition to Dad’s office, and offer a level of worldliness that is sure to engage visitors and allow Dad to see where his travels, or his conversation, may take him.

A magnifying glass is another nice accessory that a father shouldn’t be without. Gracious goods provide other options, if Dad is more into practical usage. A beautiful tray for legal documents is made by Gracious Goods for beautifully organizing all of his business. Or perhaps he wants a desk blotter or a metal letter holder, or memo note holders.

The options are endless at Classic Hostess. It’s up to you to determine how Dad’s tastes will influence his wants and needs. Start shopping today, because Father’s Day will be here before you know it.

Wine Products for Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what your Pops wants for his celebratory day.

Maybe he likes wine? If so, a necessary piece of barware is the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller. Yes, you read that right, this puppy instantly chills your wine to the desired temperature. No more waiting for the white to cool. No more adding extra ice to your vodka. Get ice cold alcohol in seconds.

There’s also the Ravi Detachable Decanter. It allows for easy access to wipe the inside of the decanter through a modular unscrewing design. A decanter is a great piece of barware because it allows your wine to aerate more fully. If your Dad likes wine, and if he’s spending more than $20 a bottle, it’s necessary to have the proper tools. Otherwise, he’ll be missing out on the rich bouquets, the diverse flavors, and the full experience of his wine.

If your Dad doesn’t dig wine, then there are tons of other products that might suit him better. Classic Hostess has all kinds of classy tabletop accessories – because whether for the office, the kitchen or the bedroom, Dad deserves the best.

The Must Knows About Thank You’s

Ah, the thank you note. It’s an important piece of etiquette that can often be overlooked. Any time you’ve been to a dinner party with a beverage dispenser and barware lining the countertop, it’s crucial to say thank you.

If you’re like me, and many others, the thank you note is often delayed, but as they say, better late than not at all. Chances are your classic hostess will appreciate much more your handwritten thank you note than some chintzy e-mail of appreciation sent the next morning, even if she does spend a month wondering whether you really care.

There are some standard thank you note rules: send one.

A lack of thanks is so vulgar, so boorish, and unfortunately, so common in today’s age. The best way to send a thank you is simply. A small card with a heartfelt message appreciating the delicious dinner and punch served from a glass beverage dispenser, sealed in a light blue envelope, preferably (it doesn’t matter), is perfect. Your hostess will be sure to appreciate the sentiment, no matter how late you send it, but ideally it should be within a week or two.

Take my advice, and she will certainly invite you back for the next event.

The Little Things

I just moved. I have a great new place, and I intend to stay here a while, but I really needed some new furnishings. It’s the little things that can really tie a home together, you know? So I’ve been shopping around and I’ve found a couple of things that have given my apartment that final touch.

For example, an iron floor candelabra. It’s perfect for my bathroom, and I can light the candles and turn off the lights whenever I want to de-stress and take a bubble bath.

Then there are a few tabletop accessories that I’ve bought that really make home feel like home. My crystal fish bowl is a great place to keep candies on the entry table. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll put potpourri in the fish’s mouth. I like this item because it gives me freedom to do with it what I please.

And finally I found a nice glass beverage dispenser. I usually keep it filled with lemon water, which is good for the throat and the voice, making it sound more resonant. But the couple of times I’ve had friends over, I fill it up with a punch or sweet tea. It’s one of those tabletop accessories that’s very practical. But perhaps the most practical part of these items is that they serve to make my house feel like a home.