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Have your Spirits on the Rocks –Literally!

Whiskey Soapstones Beverage CubesIce cubes has always been fine in beverages until they succumb and water your whiskey down. This in turn, had your spirit taste differently too. Now,  At Classic Hostess The Ice Age has passed! Luckily, a few great soapstone workers in Perkinsville, Vermont have created Whiskey Stones. These little ice-imitators are specially designed to put a slight chill in your Whiskey.

How Does It Work? Soapstone Ice Rocks will chill your liquor without diluting it. Because soapstone retains its temperature longer than ice, Whiskey Ice Rocks provide for a more sustained chill. Put them into the freezer and take them out in time for the party! Ice rocks hold their temperature out of the freezer for 1 hour or more.

Worried About Whiskey Stones Ruining Your Barware? Soapstone Ice Rocks have been sent through a tumbling process to wear down the edges, meaning they won’t scratch your glass.

Whiskey Rocks – Will Not Drip us Dry Stop wasting water. Those Stones never wear out or lose their ability to chill your drinks. Once you’re done, rinse, dry and do it all over again.

Savor Your Spirits Taste Whiskey Soapstone Rocks Soapstone is non-porous, odorless and tasteless. Soapstone will not react to household cleaners. Chill and enjoy a perfectly balanced spirit.

Plentiful Uses Because of the Whiskey Rocks Ability to maintain temperature, Soapstone can also help keep liquids warm. It is recommended to microwave the rocks, pop them in coffee to keep it warm for an hour.

Holiday Gift Whiskey Stones now solve the problem of the hard-to-buy-for man. This is an affordable useful Gift for Him. Get some corresponding shot glasses or tumblers for Fathers-in-law, Boyfriends or any great guy! Get the Whiskey Lover Set that includes the Two Tumblers and Set of 6 Beverage Cubes. At Classic Hostess, find Drink ware and Bar ware to complement the your gift  or your BBQ party.

See our complete new selection of  Sempli Glasses At Classic Hostess for all your Bar Decor.

Save the Environment-One Bottle At A Time

This story was born from the idea of combining innovative product design and environmental awareness. Classic Hostess now has a fun consumer product that makes a difference.

Set of 4 wine DOF glassesRolf Glass Designer,  has used glass cutting skills with their manufacturing experience by using state of the art diamond-wheel engraving technology to create unique designs that completely alter the look and feel of the wine bottles. The result is a sexy re-purposed 12oz antique blue DOF or Wine tumbler,- a win for everyone! A percentage of all sales from the Set of 4 Recycled  Glacier Wine Tumblers will be donated to help spread environment awareness, one bottle at a time.

Those Blue Tinged Wine Tumblers arrive in a set of 4.  Those bar ware glasses can make great Gifts for Him, or use them at your Thanksgiving, Holiday Party while doing a good deed too!

GO GREEN…. This quality product was produced in a responsible environmental production manor,all packaging made of recycled components.

Check out the Complete New Line of Sempli Glasses, and Whiskey Rocks to Complete your Holiday Gift.

Labor Day Entertaining- Outdoor Partying

As the summer draws to a close, Celebrate it! You will make your guests wish summer lasts forever with those super party decor and entertaining and tabletop accessories at your LABOR DAY PARTY BASH!

Lazy Susan Turtable


Firstly, have your items neatly sorted, and practically handy. With unique tabletop lazy Susans ,the Chip n Dip  and Condiment Servers you will be the gracious hostess everyone is wishing to be. Our impressive Lazy Susan Turntables, ranging from ceramic, porcelain, marble, and outdoor Lazy Susan turntable,  make for an impressive presentation for your tantalizing appetizers, dips, condiments and more.


Beverage Dispensers are the conceptual entertaining essential. Enjoy an efficient way of dispensing large quantities of iced tea, lemonade, sangria, and other iced drinks. Simplify things at your next event with Classic Hostess’s Double Beverage Servers and give the hostess a break! Our stacked drink jugs will look great at any event. To add color, fill each with a variety of different drinks, or garnishes. Two has always been more fun than one!

Your favorite beverages taste better when you drink them out of glasses you like! The Summer Garden Serving Set Pitcher with Glasses is on sale now for just $62.99. The woven sea grass caddy adds an organic feel that contrasts so well with the crispness of the glass. You decide if you want to serve glasses and wine/cocktails with a pitcher of ice or orange juice in the morning or anything in between.



Here comes Dessert! Designed to highlight table presentations, the various table centerpieces, tiered displays, buffet platter display stands and bowl display racks are must-haves for impeccable service and stand out displays. Display your dainty delectables, ice cream and nuts, and delicious home baked goods stands.

Convenience is the Key at Browse our Full Site for many more Party Tips, Vases, Dinnerware Plates. Call us Toll Free at 888-280-6539

Authentic Models – Nostalgic Gifts for Him

Have a Hard-to-Shop-for-Gentleman on your gift list? At Classic Hostess we have a collection of unique Gift Ideas for Him in every stage and for every occasion. From the Retired Grandpa to Great Boyfriend, find uncommon gift articles that he shall love getting as much as you love presenting it.

Authentic Models Bar and Game FurnitureEvery social bud, or retired dad and grandpa will appreciate the Bar and Game Furniture by Authentic Models. Fun and functionality coalescing into an impressive piece of historic proportions, Take your pick from Wooden Consoles or Lockers in a French Lustrous Finish.  Create your own private bar, deem yourself the bartender with The Casablanca Bar and Game Accent Furniture! The smell of leather, the feel of rich wood, the warm glow of subdued lighting. Just wheel out this upscale serving station of superior drinks. Pull glasses from within, juggle bottles, pull out the game boards, and show off the mementos from your latest voyage. This bar exceeds imagination!

For the family oriented Husband and Great Dad, Classic Hostess has some articles to ensure ideal quality family time. Try the Solitaire Table Game in rich mahogany or the Wooden Game Table with 3 slide out panels and 6 choices of different tabletops.

Got a Geeky Gentleman? Authentic Models globes offer history at your fingertips and highlight some of the worlds most famous cartographers: Mercator, Hondius, Kaerius and Vaugondy. These Globes range from Armillaries, Globe Mobiles and Spheres. Your Collector shall  be thrilled by the extensive collection of Aircraft, Aviation and Nautical Models that epitomize aeronautics history. Help Him understand that there is more than meets the eye with the Antique Telescopes and Sextants.

Even the High Powered Executive shall be Enthused by the Desktop Accessories to remember you in the Most Hectic Of Times.