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Nonalcoholic Party Drinks For Your Mocktail Holiday Party

These non-alcoholic “mocktails” will let you enjoy the taste of your favorite holiday drinks, minus the alcohol. Serve them individually or have them lined up in Several Holiday Drink Dispensers so that your guests see the full line of choice.


 Athlete’s Veggy Juice

This recipe for athlete’s vegetable juice from Oh She Glows is chock-full of good-for-you veggies and looks picture perfect in that Flute.

Pink Pomegranate Mocktail

Pomegranate is a great flavor to enjoy during the holiday season. Pair the juice with sparkling lemonade to make this non-alcoholic drink. Love it in the Vino Red Wine Glass – Set of 12



Cran-Raspberry Martini

Crushed raspberries and cranberry juice give this mocktail its festive red hue. Served in Long Stem Martini Glasses. 

Sparkling Spritzer

It may look like a glass of wine, but this drink is really a mix of non-alcoholic sparkling wine soda, ginger ale, and lime juice.  See it in: Ravenscroft Grand Cru Chardonnay Set of 4 Glasses.


5 Top Gift Ideas For Her

Whoever she is, she deserves a unique gift just for being her! Whether it is a gift for mom, wife, girlfriend and even graduate present her with a unique and creative gift that will allow her to feel indulged, cared for and pampered. 

Fringe White Linen with Sand Organdy Square Tablecloth $149

A tablecloth joins everyone together – we equally share a meal, conversation and our lives!

Aquiesse Pomegranate Sage Large Soy Candle $35.99

The Uniquely modern packaging is timeless and conveys the quality and detail of the product within. The large soy candle is made with organic soybean oil and carefully selected lead free wicks. Nestled in a ultra-thick smoke-brown glass that is safe for burning candles. the custom heat resistant cover was designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on, or to keep the wax dust free while not in use

GG Collection Set of 3 Metal Photo Frames $185

For those who prefer classic decor versus modern design , the GG Collection Cast Aluminum Photo Frames are certain charm the most discerning eye, making your portraits more pleasant to look at!

Monogram Glass Pilsners – Set of 4 $85

Essential Glassware for any well equipped home bar, the Rolf Glass Monogrammed Collection makes a personalized keepsake for the newly engaged, or wine lovers!

Cylinder Beverage Dispenser With Chained Black Board On Rack $39.95

This 1.5 Gallon Cylinder Beverage Server is a wonderful serving piece for any outdoor or indoor entertaining.  The Chained Erasable Name Plate is a cute and fun addition to this party centerpiece.

Host the Holidays Happily Tips

Take the stress off Hosting. These days, there are simpler ways to entertain the masses. With a bit of convenient accessories, it is possible to host without feeling you need a Holiday after the Holiday. Let’s start with one tip at a time.


Say good bye to sticky situations, and messy spills. Our high quality Drink dispensers will do the trick. Whether you are hosting a party, catering , or need a constant drinking vessel for all your guests at home, Classic Hostess has one for everyone. Choose from our large selection of drink dispensers with stands to catch the eye, or flat ones to keep it low, with ice chambers to keep your drinks cool, or without if you know your guests will need some refills before the beverages become warm.

Twin Hammered Beverage Dispenser With Chalkboard $59.99

 Convenience is the name of the game this Holiday Season! When entertaining, use the  double drink dispenser to offer your guests a choice of beverage. Those double beverage dispensers with spout allow you to showcase all of your home made sangria or kombucha at once. This Twin Beverage Server, features a Push Down Spout which makes for leak proof and efficient dispensing. The hammered glass will hide the fingerprints of all curious onlookers. Some beautiful ideas are: Serving one hot or cold drink, or Infused fruit punch of different colors so they can match the Holiday Decor. ( Check out the complete line of Double and Stackable Drink Dispenser)





Classic Mason Sun Tea Drink Dispenser $39.99 

 Invoke a sense of tradition accentuated by homespun charm with our Glass Mason Jar Drink Dispenser with Spout. The metal screw top lid with quality spout makes for an ideal accessory at any tailgate party, backyard Barbeques, shotgun weddings or even family gatherings. Brew some tea under the sun and voila – classical sun tea! Serve your iced tea and apple cider with a sense of Red Neck simplicity of the bygone days.  This monarch drink dispenser boasts handles for easy carrying and has a capacity of 1 Gallon. For complete Red Neck Glamour, purchase the Mason Goblets also available on our site. You might have different capacity needs; view the full selection of Yorkshire Drink Dispenser.





Kingston Glass Beverage Dispenser with Ice Chiller $89.99 

 It’s an entertaining essential and a beautiful home decor accent too. This drink dispenser features a separable ice chamber to keep your iced tea and lemonade chilled without watering them down. You simply need to insert ice cubes into the ice insert and you have a drink pleasing to the eye and palate. The Kingston Party Jug allows you to have 3 Gallons of your favorite drink and eliminates refilling. I think the gold spout and rack will work beautifully with gold hurricanes at your Christmas Dinner. If you want a Drinking Vessel to suit your specific home or party decor, check out the full selection of drink dispenser with ice insert.





GG Versailles Gallon Beverage Server $286

   Gracious Goods Fans? You there? As beautiful to display, as it is handy to entertain the Versailles beverage server is perfect for iced tea, lemonade, or sangria. This handcrafted beverage server is made of textured glass, with metal  base, spigot, and accents by the GG Collection. Boasts a large capacity of 2.5 Gallons.   The best part about this GG Drink Dispenser, is the quality much like all of the GG Items. This Party Jug features a Metal Spout to ensure fast and efficient flow for large and frequent gatherings. This works  well with its larger pair, see item #GG31555. For more elegant drink dispensers will metal spouts see:

Budget Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to decorate. Experts share their favorite easy and affordable decorating tips. 


Dazzling Table Decor

Create an easy decoration for any table in your home. Gather favorite ornaments, in colors that complement your decor,

and mix with pine cones or pods into bowls. Use the Terra Hurricane Holders for your Pine and Pod Collection.

Festive Illuminations

Light fixtures are a great place to add extra holiday cheer. Wrap glittering leaves around a chandelier’s base or hang favorite glass ornaments. 

Use the Sophia Lamps for high function and classic style.


Beautifully Natural

Celebrate the winter season with a nature-inspired Christmas tree. Mix in a variety of pinecones, leaves and birds throughout the branches, as well as a few metallic elements to add interest and sparkle.

This snowflake curtain is so easy to make, but it turns even the smallest windows into a winter wonderland.

The Laser Cut Ornaments ( Gift Boxed)  shall imbue the home and tree with the nordic wooden feel.

Match Your Decor

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or shabby chic, find a tree and ornaments that fit into your design.

How about the Vintage Apothecary Jars to showcase your ornaments and even Holiday Cookies.

Consider Calling our Experts at 888-280-6539 for further assistance.

Holiday Gift Guide – Great Gift Ideas For The Unique Couple

 Please forgive me for bringing up Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here. But there are so many fun and unique items out there to buy for couples that I just had to share them with you now. If you’re doing a holiday couple’s party or just want to send those special friends or family members a joint gift, I think I found some fun new favorites for this year’s holiday gift giving! Check these out:











Either way, since this gift counts double, it may just be the trickiest one you’ll buy. Check out our complete selection of Gift for the Couple by Classic Hostess.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Him

It might be a little way off yet, but it’s never too soon to be thinking about Christmas and Holiday Gifts especially if your Gentleman is hard to buy for.We at Classic Hostess are here to help you find a fab gift for your boy and we have got a fantabulous selection now live on our site. Have a peek at our top picks…



The Ravenscroft Beveled Blade is a massive hand cut gem. This is the perfect old world spirits decanter. Brilliant lead-free crystal, hand cut  by old world European craftsmen, He’ll never refuse it! Just fill em up with your favorite whiskey, spirits or perhaps cordials!


The Ravenscroft Crystal Martini Set will be sure to please the most discriminating Martini lover! Cool martini glasses that’ll chill his martinis with panache he loves!


The black leather jewelry box with felt lined interior holds up to two watches to keep them all wound and properly charged. A timely gift for Him on any special day. The dual watch winder features dual movement capability, quiet operation and works all night without distractions. (available in different colors too)


A variety of staple grooming tools are elegantly tucked into a tan leather traveling case combining fundamental convenience with affluence . Any well traveled man or executive will appreciate the precision and quality of the stainless steel manicure set while on the go or at home. A gentleman should look good and feel clean!


For your Geeky Guy:  Turgots Plan de Paris (in 3 wall scrolls on fabric, or as a 25 sheet art paper portfolio) is a remarkable technical achievement, a flight of the imagination created many years before the first manned balloon flight and the invention of photography. A replica by Authentic Models. Hey, it’s already gift boxed!

Contact us for more information or suggestions for The Gift For Him.

Great Unique Hostess Gift Ideas – A Charming Way to Say Thank You

As the Holiday Hostessing Season is upon us, you will be dining, relaxing,  partying and residing at many a friends for a couple of day. In appreciation of the Hostess, return the favor with a gift worth receiving. There are plenty of great gifts that will make a favorable impression. Before we talk ideas, bear in mind gift etiquette. After all, if you’re going to give a great gift, you should do it in style.

1. Give It for the Future, 2. Don’t Wreck the Decor or Add Work, 3. Don’t Insist Your Gift Be Opened Immediately, 4. Select the Gift with Your Host or Hostess in Mind 

The variety is endless and all it takes to gift something great is some consideration for the hobbies, personality, and preferences of your host or hostess beforehand.

                                   1) BAKED GOODS

A freshly baked pie is always a welcome gift — even more so when it comes wrapped. Miniature loaves of pumpkin or poppy seed bread are popular choices too.  If you want to add some extra love place the baked goods into a new set of Glass Pie Plate with Dome and wrap it up with colored cellophane and polka-dotted ribbon. This Two piece set can be used for cupcakes, cheesecakes and other desserts too. Experience has taught to make it clear the food is for later use, so you spare the hostess from scrambling to fit it into the meal.


Handy as an entertaining accessory and practical counter top accessory, a Beverage Dispenser is a party workhouse that will relieve your hostess from bar tendering duties.

The 3 Gallon Kingston Glass Beverage Server with Gold Spout uses an ice chamber to keep the steady dry coldness glass after glass. You simply need to insert ice cubes into the ice insert and you have a drink pleasing to the eye and palate. If your Hostess has a green thumb, fill it with homemade Kombucha or infused water. This Beverage Dispenser for $89.99 is available with a metal spout and stand too. To suit your hosts personal taste, view the full line of Drink Dispensers with many different capacities that will keep the hostess at ease and guests feeling comfortable.



If your host or hostess has a bar or is in the habit of serving cocktails, think about a gift in that area. You can put together a collection of bar tools, such as cocktail strainers and shakers, corkscrews, citrus pressers, or wine bottle stoppers. Then, pair them with an ice bucket or some unique cocktail napkins. A bottle of wine is a fairly traditional hostess gift.  Why not put a twist on that and give two martini glasses with a fun new recipe and a bottle of liquor that the recipe calls for. Or, you can give your hostess two of her favorite bottles of wine, wrapped in an attractive cotton tablecloth that doubles as a carrier.


If you don’t know the host very well, or you are having a limited budget, a set of votive candles makes the perfect compact gift for any hostess. Be surprised how fine fragrance oil diffusers can spread good scents and cheer throughout the home.  You never go wrong with a compact oil reed diffuser by Antica Farmacista for $24.99.  A neutral (think clean cotton) reed diffuser  would be useful to just about anyone.  Soy Candles are a popular choice, though maybe a tad dull and overdone.


You can also use photos as a way to document the dinner party. Simply snap a few during the event (with your host or hostess in them, of course) and then present them in an attractive frame afterwards. This will be a nice, unexpected surprise. Just do your best to screen out any shots that don’t catch your host or hostess at their best.Scented sugar adds a subtle perfume and flavor to coffee, tea, fruit desserts, or baked goods. Mix a small batch in a pretty jar or canister  for a creative and aromatic hostess gift.

Have you ever presented a host or hostess gift that was a huge success? What was it?