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Spring Vintage Glass Drink Dispensers

vintageweddingSpring can almost be felt in the air; it is certainly visible in many shopping carts.  Moms are gearing up for graduation parties, couples for wedding receptions, and friends for outdoor partying.

At Classic Hostess, we have our Spring Season all set. View our blog and site for daily updates on our recent spring arrivals.

As country chic becomes the all new fad, we are previewing some Vintage and Rustic Drink Dispensers as the first spring entertaining accessory.

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Spring Drink Dispensers – Sneak Peak!

zodaxspringCountry chic is the all new chic these days.  What says it more than a rattan pedestal beneath a glass drink dispenser full of spring lemonade?

Wicker Beverage Dispensers lend a modern air to any patio gathering.  Shop Country Chic. Shop Classic Hostess. Shop Spring.

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Classic Convenience – Glass Drink Dispensers with Ice Buckets

rusticbeveragedispenserSuitability and Style are the two top priorities on your list? I assume then that you are also one of those on the constant lookout for delightful 2 in 1 Contraptions.

So, Ms. Convenience – here’s the latest!

Glass Drink Dispensers with Metal Ice Bucket. In other words, we got your hydration station all in one!



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Warm Cranberry Cider Recipe And A Glass Drink Dispenser

cranberryciderIf you are one of those getting married in a chilly winter weather, surprise your guests with a warm winter cocktail.

I like this spiced cranberry drink fortified with port. You can use a cinnamon stick as a flavorful stirrer.

The good news is that these days Classic Hostess already has a glass drink dispenser that can safely hold hot beverages for display at the reception.



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