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Salad Cruet Zinger and Pear Vinaigrette Recipe

saladzingerdMuch like kitchen pros and chefs, you can now create a chipotle chili oil, or fresh Italian flavored dressings.  Drizzle your grilled steaks, or baked vegetables with your Salad Zinger Creations.

Like warm ciabatta bread? Zing garlic and basil with a little olive oil, and dip away!

Classic Hostess now has the Salad Zingers to accompany the Citrus Zingers, Water Zingers, and Vodka Zingers.

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Top Christmas Gifts For Men Under $50

Find Him The Perfect Gift For The Perfect Prices - No matter who he is, or what he does, HE deserves a unique and creative gift you can passionately present.Make it a Merry Holiday with Classic Hostess’ Top Picks of Gifts for the Gentleman, without breaking the bank.


Wooden Six Pack Beer Carrier -$43.99

6 pack


Handmade in the USA, this rustic crate is perfect for carrying home brew on the road and it is bound to become your best drinking buddy. This tote is designed to hold any style 12oz. beer bottle so you can load up on a variety of finely crafted ales.

Executive Tan Leather Framed Manicure Set -$44.99



 A variety of staple grooming tools are elegantly tucked into a tan leather case, combining fundamental convenience with affluence. Manufactured by Royce Leather Gifts, the manicure set can be personalized by engraving initials. For the Well-Travelled Groomsman.

Lewis And Clark Compass

- $32.00


 Suggested for the historian or antique collector. Created by Authentic Models, the small wooden compass is a replica of the one used by Lewis and Clark.  The Wooden Authentic Models Compass arrives gift boxed and will fit into his pockets at all times.

Zing Anything White Vodka Infuser - $25.99


With a 20 oz capacity, the acrylic American made bottle is completely BPA free.  Double steel wall keeps all infused vodka or beverage chilled for long length of times.  For those hosts looking to spice up their next party, the vodka zinger will be your perfect wingman.

Whiskey Stones – Christmas Gift Ideas

The Essential Whiskey Accessory – The Quintessential Taste




Okay, water is awesome. We cannot deny that. And perhaps its best feature is that we can freeze it. ( The ice stuff you know is made of water too!)  And when it is frozen, it is of course just lovely for all warm beverages.

Awww, but wait. Here is the catch.  If the temperature doesn’t stay below freezing, then the hard water starts to melt and you drink becomes all watery and doesn’t taste good anymore. It’s all very scientific stuff. You wouldn’t understand.

Luckily, a few great soapstone workers in Vermont have created the Whiskey Soap Stones. These little ice imitators are specially designed to put a slight chill in your Whiskey. All you do is put them i the freezer for a few hours and then pop a couple into a glass of single malt. One you are done, rinse, dry and start all over again! And no need to worry about a water drink, because Whiskey Rocks do not dilute. ever. Dylan Thomas would have loved these things. We hope you will too.

For a final personal touch, Classic Hostess has engraved iconic symbols for your dear man on those Whiskey Soapstones. Let him know he rocks with those whiskey cubes.

You know your guy better than us; feel free to choose from: Gentleman Whiskey Soapstones, Macho Man Whiskey Rocks, DAD whiskey Rocks, Christmas Whiskey Rocks and even Love Notes Soapstones.

whiskey1 whiskey2 whiskey3 whiskey5machoman



Top Holiday Gifts For Women Under $50

 Find Her the Perfect Gifts for the Perfect Prices

Make it a Merry Holiday with a huge selection of affordable gifts for women. Classic Hostess developed fabulous, well priced gifts to get your Holiday Gift List for her going. Spoil your loved ones with our picks for the best affordable gifts for moms, daughters, aunts, best friends, and all the other ladies you adore.


Personalized iPhone Case Cover – $27.99

iphone case


Introduced by the retailer as the ultimate women’s gift this season. Classic Hostess is pleased ( if we can say so ourselves) with its line of personalized and interchangeable aluminum photo cases for the Galaxy S3 Phone. The Personalized Photo Galaxy S3 Case- Pink is available by the retailer in 3 different colors. The Samsung Galaxy and iPhone Case Covers now sells for $27.99 from the original $39.99. Interchangeable Aluminum inserts available, the Samsung Galaxy 3 Personalized Phone Case is scratch and abrasion resistant too.





Jelly Green Pure Flavour2Go Fruit Infusion Water Bottle – $12.99

The ideal way to purify a drink with a fruit infusion and get natural flavor. For a lady that is on the go, the retailer has Jelly Green Pure Flavour2Go Fruit Infusion Water Bottle made from unbreakable Tritan Plastic. The infusion water bottle can hold up to 20 oz of infused drinks. Available in many colors, the Red, Yellow, Or Green Zingers contain a flip top lid which makes it a great gym or hiking accessory.







Antica Farmacista Santorini Diffuser -$25.00

Classic Hostess has an array of scents for the home ambiance. (Classic. huh?) The Santorini Antica Farmacista Reed Diffuser contains 100 ml of a medley of crisp citrus and green notes artfully paired with exotic spice and natural wood essences. Small packaging complies with the TSA regulations; the Diffuser includes birch reed and gift tags. For just $25.00, the Santorini Home Diffuser allows one to bring a piece of home as a gift to her.










Red Utensil Flat Kitchen Wall Clock -$39.99



Measuring 14″ in diameter, The Kitchen Wall Clock sports red plastic spoons and forks in a sunburst fashion to add to the kitchen clock’s whimsical charm. Classic Hostess sells it for $39.99 and suggests this wall decor as a gift for her for any aspiring chef or housekeeper. (Husband, you reading this, ye?)










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