antiquecopperbathroomcollection1.gif.1In an era of oil rubbed sinks, the Gracious Goods Bathroom Collection in the Antique Silver or Copper is an absolute winner.

Featuring sprightly bases and beaded trim designs, the GG Collection received rave reviews for the Antique Copper and Silver Toilet Accessories.

Offering old world elegance, the bathroom collection adds romance and beauty to any home.


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Featuring a hammered Copper base and design, the Gracious Goods Antique Copper Bathroom Collection includes Wastebaskets, Toothbrush holder, GG Soap dispensers, and GG Soap Dish amongst the many other.

hammeredsoapdispenserantiquecopper2.gif   tissuebox   wast  hammeredsoapdishantiquecopper2.gif   hammeredtoothbrushholderantiquecopper3.gif

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 antiquesilverbathroomcollectionFor those who prefer a lighter look, the Gracious Goods Antique Silver Collection is your perfect balance of Modern, Contemporary, plus European elegance. This GG Bathroom Collection also includes toothbrush holder, GG Soap Dish, GG Soap Dispenser, GG Antique Silver Wastebasket and so much more.

hammeredtissuecoverantiquesilver2.gif  hammeredwastebasketantiquesilver2.gif hammeredsoapdispenserantiquesilver2.gif  hammeredsoapdishantiquesilver2.gifantiquesilverbathroom