Authentic Models Wooden Colored Game Table- Ivory – $1050

Our pièce de résistance. Bring out the laughter, drama and drink. Go for check or broke. If loaded dice and backgammon are more to your taste, change the board. Or unearth the boxed renaissance domino’s and pull out the green board, domino, poker, Monopoly.


Authentic Models Grand Hotel Black & Red Barstool -$269

This AM stool is great to use for a bar, home or office to sit on while drinking some liqueur. The design of our tall brasserie accessory dates back to the late 19th century when bentwood furniture was developed in Vienna and exported across Europe and the rest of the world.


Authentic Models Roxy Red Theater Love Seat – $650

The Authentic Models Roxy Theater Love Seat doesn’t take too much space, and can accommodate people as well as shopping bags, coats, boots, etc. being nearly indestructible. Enjoy the comfort in your home theater or entrance hall!Also available in Black Color.

Authentic Models Red Casablanca Bar – $2300

he smell of leather, the feel of rich wood, the warm glow of subdued lighting. Just wheel out this upscale serving station of superior drinks. Pull glasses from within, juggle bottles, pull out the game boards, and show off the mementos from your latest voyage. This bar exceeds imagination! It has wheels, three game boards, and a glass top that displays your pictures, an snapshots. It also stores oodles of bottles and gear, and wheels into tight corners


Authentic Models Ivory Stateroom Trunk Table – $589

The Authentic Models Bar and Game Furniture are made to last. Reminiscent of British colonial armies as well as French artisan stores and workshops, those individual pieces easily match and combine with both contemporary and classical style. Cabinets turning on hidden wheels, glass tops that show photos and collected ephemera. The accent home decor furniture have modular units to create storage, display and workspace exactly as you have always wanted. French finished, brass bound, lightly distressed furniture that will increase in value over time, make great gifts for your bar and for the retired gentleman.AM Furniture includes campaign chairs, stateroom bars, cabinets and traveling desk to name the few. View the complete collection.