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Classic Hostess Giveaway!

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Okay, you do not have to admit this with me, however secretly we are all obsessed with party accessories. ( Ye, shake hands…) Therefore, in honor of summer and in honor of you, Classic Hostess has partnered with Bird’s Party for a most stupendous giveaway. You get to win $100, and hear this: you spend and splurge it any which way you prefer.
From dazzling Drink Dispensers, to the gorgeous Glass Ware and Bar Ware, and even the cutesy Cake Stands you have been eyeing.. They can all be yours to Wow your guests with at the next party or gathering.





To Enter:   You can have up to 27 entries via Rafflecopter.  View Bird’s Party to see the details.  Classic Hostess Giveaway will expire on 08/03/2013





Timeless Elegance – Tuscan Glass Drink Dispensers

Bella Toscana Glass Beverage Dispensers

No entertaining piece gets as much repeat use during an event as your beverage dispenser. Classic Hostess quality glass and wrought iron drink dispensers by Bella Toscana are durable and beautiful. From our single, 1 gallon pieces to our triple drink dispensers, Bella Toscana makes it a pleasure to keep guests’ glasses full!  We’ll toast to that!

Trio Elegant Glass Beverage Dispenser

Its superb quality so typical of the Bella Toscana Collection will serve you fine at your restaurants, inns, parties, and grand occasions. Incredibly designed, with the finest glass, and wrought iron stand, our magnificent triple apothecary drink dispenser will give you an excellent flow with the turn of its metal spout.

Siena Tall Apothecary Drink Dispenser with Wrought Iron Stand
Lift your party spirits and give that touch of Italy too! This high quality, hand cut glass Siena Tall Apothecary Vintage Beverage Dispenser will server as great drinking vessel at your restaurants, inns, parties, and grand occasions. Incredibly designed, by hand skilled artisans and inspired by Tuscan vineyards, the magnificent apothecary drink dispenser on wrought iron stand by Bella Toscana will give you an excellent flow of liquors, Iced tea and lemonade with the turn of its spout.

3 Gallon Elegant Beverage Dispenser with Wrought Iron Stand

Treat guests to their favorite beverages in our Elegant Drink Dispenser.Its superb quality will serve you fine at your restaurants, inns, parties, and grand occasions. Incredibly designed, with the finest glass, and wrought iron stand, our magnificent apothecary drink dispenser will give you an excellent flow with the turn of its plastic spout.

2 Gallon Fruitwood Glass Drink Dispenser by Bella Toscana

Elegance and charm will grace your next function with our spectacular fine glass and wrought iron beverage dispenser by Bella Toscana. Combining the simplistic beauty of twigs with the natural curves of fruit, our 2 gallon party workhouse lets you relax with flair and grace. Whether displaying this versatile piece as your table centerpiece or serving some refreshing drinks and cocktails this beverage dispenser will surely give you its best in elegance.









See All Bella Toscana Glass Drink Dispensers Here

Classic Hostess can be reached by phone at 888-280-6539 or online at http://www.ClassicHostess.com.

Or email us at esty.perl@classichostess.com

Beverage Dispensers with Ice Chambers

Avoid Watered Down Refills! Melting ice weakens a refreshment over time. The independent chamber in some drink dispenser resolves that. Simply fill it with ice and insert. Party favorites like sangria are chilled but never diluted—only delicious!


Glass Pedestal Drink Dispenser with Ice Insert -$69.99


The ice core will keep drinks chilled without watering them down! Capacity: 1.2 Gallons This features an easy pour, non-drip spout Dimensions: 17.5″ H x 9″ Diameter








Glass Water Dispenser with Infuser Insert -$49.99

Great for parties and perfect for water, lemonade, mojitos and more, dispenser is made of glass and comes with a metal lid.  Holds 2.75 Gallons * Height 19″ (Stand Included)










Cubic Glass Beverage Server With Seperable Ice Chamber -$89.99

Fill our party-sized Cubic glass beverage server with sangria, punch or the iced thirst-quencher of your choice. Its fine square cut, and smooth finish will surely make a statement! Total height: 19″  Width 7″ Height of spigot to table 7″ *Capacity: 2 gallons.











3 Gallon Kingston Glass Beverage Server With Ice Chiller -$89.99

The 3 Gallon Glass Beverage Server with Gold Spout uses an ice chamber to keep the steady dry coldness glass after glass. You simply need to insert ice cubes into the ice insert and you have a drink pleasing to the eye and palate at your party or wedding. Stands at 25″ Tall. This Kingston has a Gold Spout, it is also available with the Stainless Steel Spout as: A82033









Cylinder Style Beverage Server With Ice Chamber -$59.99

Use Its separable bottom container for ice, to keep your drink cold all day, or to decorate its simple glass, for a lavish event. Either way, this practical compartment, makes this dispenser a cool asset to behold. Capacity: 2 Gallons Dimensions: Height 18″, Diameter is 8.5″








It’s an entertaining essential and a beautiful home decor accent too. Those beverage dispensers contain a separable ice chamber to keep your iced tea and lemonade chilled without watering them down. Or, add fruit slices to the infuser for a fruit infused refreshment. Those infusion jugs with inserts keep the seeds and pulp from clogging the spout and make for an exquisite presentation.

Summer Drink Dispensers For Your Outdoor Partying

The thought of a big cooler on the back porch, filled up with lemonade and dispensing sweet coolness from a frosty spigot, is captivating right now. Here are a few good drink dispensers that might fit the bill, along with a list of some of our favorite summer coolers. Cucumber water, rhubarb soda, and pitchers of cocktails…



1)      2)                                                    3)     4)                             5)                6 )                                        7)         8 )                    9)    10)


1)  Small Metro Angular Glass Beverage Dispenser -$189.99. The Metro Angular beverage dispenser features a stainless steel spigot for serving party potables.

2) 3 Gallon Acrylic Drink Dispenser with Removable Ice Core and Infuser -$39.99. Wide mouth lid makes filing,stirring, and cleaning easy. The removable ice core keeps beverages cold without diluting them

3) Paris Hammered Glass Beverage Dispenser -$99.99  A separate sculpted bronze shaded metal stand holds the unique pressed glass vessel, and a metal finial crowns the lid.

4) Glass Beverage Dispenser with Birdie -$69.99 From juice to water, iced tea to lemonade this drink dispenser will surely serve you well!

5) Bell Shaped Lantern Beverage Dispenser - $49.99 Exceptional in quality and style, our lantern-inspired drink dispenser stylishly holds a party’s worth of sangria, punch or any beverage of your choice.

6) Ceramic Tulip Beverage Dispenser -$38.99 Frilly and Floral, this tulip shaped beverage dispenser will make self-serve a rosy affair.

7) Del Sol Set of Two Drink Dispensers on Rack $39.99 Enjoy refilling your cup with some cold sangria, lemonade or  mineral water with the flow of its sturdy plastic spout. Capacity: 1 Gallon per jug

8) Round Glass Drink Dispenser with Stand -$34.99 The convenient metal lid makes it easy to fill with 2.5 gallons of lemonade and more! It will surely make a great conversation piece at your parties, picnics or events as your table centerpiece

9) Green Tinged Glass Handled Beverage Dispenser -$58.99 Its fine air bubble design makes it a unique asset to your outdoor picnic, and family gathering

10) 3 Gallon Poly Pro Acrylic Beverage Dispenser with Ice Well -$28.99 It keeps drinks chilled with its own built-in ice well,and will not dilute your drinks either. BPA free