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Rolf Glass – Glassware Collections

Rolf Glass Seashell (1)In the field of American Glass Cutting and Engraving, Rolf Glass has emerged as the leader. Famous for creating clever and original icons, Rolf Glass uses timeless designs and unique images on high quality glassware.

Stop having uncomfortable silences at the next dinner you are hosting. Rolf Wine Glasses and Etched Stemware are the perfect conversation starters and ice breakers. By simply placing Rolf Drinking Glasses on your table, your are making a statement about your fun and creative personality.  ( That’s just a bonus..)

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Anchors Aweigh – Anchorage Etched Glass Drinkware Set

anchorage_glass_and_pitcherBAnchors aweigh and set sail. Or start serving!

Rolf Glassware boasts another cutting edge design: The Anchorage Glassware Set.

The new Rolf Anchorage Glassware Collection Set brings the feeling of a springtime meadow to your table and event.

Timeless. Classic. With a Nautical Appeal.



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Rolf Hand Etched Glass Collection | Summer Edition

Rolf Glass is an American glass cutting and engraving manufacturer, a leader in quality tabletop giftware and personalized gifts. Rolf Glass is well known for unique, original, distinctive images, and timeless icons on quality crystal and glassware. Rolf Glass’s unique cut glass studio produces affordable and attractive designs for everyday use. Each product line puts a distinctive twist on contemporary glass, adding a touch of fun to the table and creating “where’d you find that?” conversation in every Rolf Glass household.


Rolf Glass CollectionIf you have ever found a seashell on a beach, you know the pleasure of such natural perfection. Our scallop shell engraved on lead free crystal-glass turns up the charm on any evening. Reminiscent of longs walks on deserted sand, these classic elegant designs have the power to transport you far away from ordinary. The Rolf Seashell Collection includes the Seashell Champagne Bucket, Cooler Glasses, Cordial Glasses, Seashell DOFs, Seashell Flutes and even Iced Tea Glasses among the many.







Rolf CollectionWant to get away? The Palm Tree collection lets you enjoy the playfulness of Miami while suffering the winters of Detroit. This beautifully engraved design will sweep you away to the tropics. Your vacation can start right now with just a sip and a setting. Indulgence is yours! Shop for Rolf Palm Tree Coffee Mugs, Palm Tree Design Balloon Wine Goblets, Palm Tree Martinis, Palm Tree Designed Footed Flutes, Tall Pilsners to name just a few of this Rolf Collection






 Rolf Glass Dragonfly Collection 

Inspired by summer gardens, this dragonfly design will lift your spirit. A light-hearted rendition of a classic theme, this collection utilizes whimsy and movement. Evoke feelings of warm evenings and sunlight dancing across blades of grass. Lemonade or Lemoncello never tasted as refreshing as it does delivered by a dragonfly. The Dragonfly Collection now includes Stemware and Barware. Purchase the Dragonfly Iced Tea Goblets, Dessert Bowls, Dragonfly Tumblers, Dragonfly flutes and even Dragonfly Hurricane Candle Holder.