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Spring Time, Party Time!

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All new entertaining essentials and tableware online for Spring Weddings, Summer Soirees, Barbeque Parties, and more. Classic Hostess has got your back with newly categorized and organized Party Supplies and Accessories Category.

First up: Barware and Drinwkare!



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Happy Birthday! Party Decor – Party Accessories

Among confetti and balloons, birthday cakes and cartoons, strikes a beaming birthday girl/boy who is being showered with mounts of gifts. Be the one taking part, by presenting the perfect one for them to treasure forever. With Classic Hostess carrying a unique line of birthday candles, hand painted stemmed glasses, and drink dispensers to accommodate your guests. Watch how all will zoom their cameras as the birthday boy/girl squints their eyes, blows the candle, and makes a heartfelt wish. After all, they are a year older.

Happy Birthday, one of our most beloved collections, featuring hand-drawn, topsy-turvy cakes, is a perfect for celebrating family occasions. Be surprised how young hearted you can make a senior feel when setting her celebration in young spirits!

The Happy Birthday Collection features the Happy Birthday Mug, the Happy Birthday Platter, the Happy Birthday Dessert Plates, and the Happy Birthday Pedestal.